Tuesday 12 April 2022

Art Sessions in Gordon’s Bay under the guidance of international award-winning children’s book writer and illustrator Marjorie van Heerden.

Announcement for all ARTISTS living in or around Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, SA.


A self-portrait by Marjorie van Heerden

For beginners, as well as experienced artists:

Whether you want to draw or paint merely for the love of it, or whether you are a professional artist who wants to take your art career to the next level, I can help you get there. NO age specification. These sessions will include practical sessions (when you will be drawing or painting), experimental workshops, and informative talks.

In the sessions I will talk about the art materials available, show how to mix colours, talk about light source, colour palette, and also teach the fundamentals of drawing and many other related subjects. I will guide you to unlearn bad habits and to re-learn good habits in drawing and painting. We will also have in-depth critique sessions. I will share tips and also my personal experiences as an artist. You will cultivate and activate your wilder side and your creativity and you will discover the pure joy of creating a work of art.  

I will accommodate these sessions in my art studio at my home. The studio will only accommodate a maximum of six participants in the group. As it will only be such a small group the time of the sessions can be decided on what time would suit everyone the best.

The first session will be to get together so that we can sort out some details and get to know each other and I will then give you more information on how the sessions will work and I will talk about being an artist. At this session I will also give you a list of what materials you need to bring with you and the fee I will charge per session.

Just give me a call on 021 856 0432 (business hours please) if you interested (we live near the old harbour in Beach Road, Gordon’s Bay). OR  e-mail Marjorie@grafikon.co.za - put Art Sessions Enquirers in the e-mail subject line.

 NB: Because of the Covid pandemic, my husband and I have been isolating ourselves. We are extremely careful of who visits our home and we also rarely go to public places. Our house is a Covid-free zone. The sessions are therefore, preferably, for people in similar situations in the Gordon’s Bay area, that are similarly cautious and vigilant - thank you.

 I am sure, being an artist working in isolation, especially these last 2½ years of lock down restrictions, you might have started to feel the extreme limitations of a virtual-only environment, and long for some conversation where you can actually look someone in the eye! 

 I am looking forward to hearing from you.


More about me, Marjorie van Heerden: I have lectured at the Stellenbosch University Art Department and I have given private art classes in sculptor, graphic art, painting.

Since 1983 I have been a full-time writer and illustrator of children’s books and have had more than 150 books published professionally. I have given courses, workshops and talks on writing and illustrating children’s books and also worked as an art director – for more information and to see examples of my work, please go to http://www.grafikon.co.za/